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Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

About Plagiarism

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Taken from : Copy Scape

  The Threat of Plagiarism Plagiarism is a serious and growing problem on the Web. At any moment, anyone in the world can copy your online content and instantly paste it onto their own site. After making minor changes, they will claim your content as their own.
The Web is built on the hard work of honest people who devote their time and energy to creating original content. The global epidemic of content theft violates people's rights and discourages the creation of new web content.
Copyscape was created as a free public service to address this growing problem. The resources below can help you protect your rights online and defend against the threats of plagiarism and content theft.

  Preventing Plagiarism
As with many other things in life, it is best to prevent plagiarism before it happens. This simple Guide to Preventing Plagiarism will help you prevent plagiarism of the content on your site.

  Detecting Plagiarism
It is up to you to find out whether someone has copied your content without permission. Copyscape provides a free service that lets you easily search for plagiarism online and identify instances of content theft. Simply type in the URL of your original content, and Copyscape does the rest. Copyscape also offers professional services for more advanced needs.

  Responding to Plagiarism
If you discover that someone has stolen your content, it is best to act quickly. This practical Guide to Responding To Plagiarism lists some of the actions you can take to track down the perpetrators and ensure that your content is removed from the offending site.

  Understanding Your Rights
The Copyscape Resource Center will help you understand your rights and the laws that regulate online plagiarism. Since copyright laws vary from place to place, the list also includes links to copyright information for different countries.

  Learning from Others
The Copyscape Forum provides a central place to share experiences, post questions and tips, and discuss how best to combat web plagiarism with people who face similar issues around the world.

More information on Copyscape is available here


In defending your rights online against plagiarists, it's important to be both vigilant and proactive. These four easy steps should help protect your content from being stolen:
  1. Place a plagiarism warning banner on each of your pages to deter plagiarists from stealing your work.
  2. Include copyright notices on each of your pages to assert ownership over your content (© is © in HTML).
  3. Use the automatic Copysentry service to detect and identify illegal copies of your content as they appear.
  4. If your content has been copied without permission, take immediate steps to have it removed.

Click here for more information on Copyscape and the terms and conditions of use.

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