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Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009

Excuse me, My Best Friend


Dear.. Forgive me for saying here..

Every now and then.. We find a special friend. Who never let us down. Who understand either. Reach out each time we fall.

You're the best friend that I found. What I need is someone like you ( ... ) with a really rich experience of life.

I'm grateful having friend like you. I'm not the right man for you, but fine, you're the right woman for me ..

I imagine this is about as high as the water will get..


" Is there someone you're in love with ? " someone asked frankly.

[ " I thought it over very carefully, but I got worried about someone to know I don't know, just for the sake of the study.. ] ...heum...

I love what I do, so when I am studying or working, I forget everything else.

...that's why I have no someone that love me,yet. I think what I said may be the reason of all I do.

[ Please don't say it again ! It just makes me feel worse than ever! Please stop this! I don't want to talk about it..] mbatin ketang,hehe..

I could be in love without anybody get involved. It's something bigger than feeling, an emotion or a relationship.

For me, Love is our decision to love in, not to recieve it.. and give it as it is a stuff to be transported..

On the other hand.. I love someone because of ALLAH .. I promise ! InsyaAllah !

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