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Senin, 04 Juli 2011

Get a Rush of Visitors with Feedjit Rush

With Feedjit Rush, your website or brand will appear over 2 Million times in front of a geotargeted audience or 6 Million times in front of a global audience of bloggers and blog visitors as fast as our network will allow. Whether it's your big launch day or you need to open the floodgates for a few hours, Rush gives your traffic and your brand an instant boost. 

Rush's cost in CPM terms is 2.5 cents CPM (cost per thousand impressions) for geotargeted ads and 0.82 cents CPM for global ads (that's less than one cent!). We're able to offer this incredible pricing because we are not reselling ad inventory. You will appear on our own media properties including our large network of blogs and websites who use the Feedjit Live Traffic Feed.  

What will my ad look like?

Your ad is completely customizable. You can choose the font family, size and style for each line of text. Your ad will appear in the footer of our Live Traffic Feed. You can see an example on the left of this page. The orange arrow shows where the ad will appear.

How many impressions will I get?

Your geotargeted ad will appear 2 Million times across our network of blogs in the countries you select. Your global ad will appear 6 Million times across our worldwide network of blogs. This usually takes a few hours, depending on the time of day and current traffic levels. Geotargeted ads take longer to run depending on which countries you select.

How many people will click my ad and visit my site?

Click through rate depends on the text in your ad. Performance varies depending on what you are selling, whether it is targeted at blog authors and readers, and how effective the copy in your ad is. We make no gaurantees of click through performance.

What day and time will my ad appear?

Your ad can be scheduled to run as soon as it's approved, which usually takes a few minutes. You can also schedule your ad to run at an exact date and time.

How will I know when my ad goes live and once it's complete?

We will email you the moment your ad goes live and we can send you an optional SMS. We also send you an email and optional SMS once your ad has completed running. Once you've signed up we send you a URL where you can watch your ad impressions and clicks in real-time.

What kind of ads can I post on Feedjit Rush?

Your ad must be family friendly and spam free. We do not allow work from home schemes, adult content and online gambling. We reserve the right to dissaprove certain ads from appearing on our network. If we do not approve

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